I Took apart my Smoke Buddy

Original Smokebuddy, this one started with the wood grain wrap but I’d already taken it off

Just got hooked in Rock and Morty. Figured it was appropriate to watch while I experiment.

I’ve made a terrible mistake. It’s everywhere.

And here’s why we’re all here. How dirty does the actual paper filter get? Keep in mind, this starts as pure white when brand new.

Peeled the layers back. This shows the depth of the penetration of the smoke/tar. This filter is fairly thick, and quite compressed inside the chamber.

The filter as a whole is glued pretty securely inside the chamber, not easy to remove.

Managed to pull a section out. The white section is the inner part of the ring. Not sure why it was so clean compared to the outer areas.

Im guessing the center white because outer areas get more air passage because the spiral vanes below draw the air from the center.

Done an dusted this is why you need to replace your smoke buddy every 300 blows 😉

get your replacement from

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