RAW Nike Air Force Ones: The Ultimate Shoe For Weed Lovers

The ultimate stoner shoe

If wearing shoes made of hemp isn’t enough for you, these custom RAW Nike Air Force Ones might be the pair of new kicks you’ve been looking for, which will let the world know what you love.

just when you thought custom kicks couldn’t get any cooler, Future Kicks reveal the RAW Nike Air Force Ones, which are a thing and something that you’ll want to wear – or, you know, keep them unworn in your sneaker collection – for those who love to smoke or just love shoes that are just cool.

The shoes are the creation of custom shoe designer Future Kicks, joining the ranks of some of the coolest 420-inspired kicks that have been released over the years, which is a company with a reputation of being one of the most innovative custom shoe designers.

But, as the photos show, the RAW Nike Air Force Ones something else.

Natural and unrefined

The Future Kicks Air Force Ones start with an off-the-shelf pair of the high-tops, which are then completely customized, with the bright, green leaf of your favorite herb against black. The leaf motif is also accompanied by the RAW logo, in rad and the Nike swoosh in brown. The edges of the soles and label on the tongue are done in a tan, keeping the earthy tones, which keep with the theme of the kicks.

Style and substance

Make no mistake, if you don these kicks, most people will know your love of weed. But, even though the Future Kicks RAW Nike Air Force Ones are pretty clever in not just the design and colorway, the custom shoes are actually pretty functional, too.

Yeah, not only do these kicks let you wear your heart on your sleeve – or you love of weed on your feet – the RAW Air Force Ones are able to help you smoke up, which just makes the things that much cooler.

Light up

Along with sporting the logo of RAW, the Velcro strap that dons the iconic Nike high-top has been adapted to wrap around the rear of the upper, so it can hold a specialized RAW edition Clipper lighter (that matches the tan tone of the colorway).

So, along with having a lighter handy, you’ll also have a lighter than is perfect for smoking. The Clipper lighter is not just refillable, making it cheaper than having to keep buying a Bic lighter that is empty (if it doesn’t get stolen before that), the removable flint arm also does double duty as packing tool to help you prepare your bowl.

Plus, the round shape of the base of the lighter makes it perfect for packing down a bowl full of green. Along the side, there is a flat edge, which makes it easy to collect up your buds and swipe them into your papers, bowl or pipe – or bell pepper.

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