Davinci IQ

the real growers review

The IQ has simplicity at it’s core. The large herb chamber is very easy to fill and does’t require special or delicate packing. The IQ is fully functional when charging with the non-proprietary micro USD cord. Cleaning the mouthpiece couldn’t be any simpler as it is easy as soaking in alcohol and a thorough rinse – and that’s it! Other than that, the IQ is low maintenance, to say the least. Like I said,”simplicity”.
How you use is up to you. Choose between the flush mouthpiece and the extended. Whether you use the IQ in the precision mode by selecting exact temperatures or if you deploy the app and program specific temperature sessions, you are sure to have the good experience you are looking for.
The IQ is stealthy in a couple of ways. Sure there is a “stealth” mode to dim the LEDs but the IQ’s styling lends to hiding in plain sight among the bevy of electronic devices in our daily life. The size and smooth design makes it a comfortable carry in almost any pocket. 
The DaVinci IQ convection herb vaporizer was a pleasure to review. Every time I pick it up I end up playing with the app to find the perfect temperature settings or thinking of new things to sample in the flavor chamber. The battery life was good with my experience being about an hour or so of heavy use between charges. 
The DaVinci IQ has no shortage of features and comes with a vast amount of extras which include: matching metal stash jar keychain, a vape tool key fob, charging cord, brush and alcohol swabs. There are plenty of good things to say and I know I’ve probably missed one to two but my favorite thing is the flavour chamber. The chamber is not only amongst the largest I’ve seen but it also so very easy to fill without losing valuable herbs and doesn’t require and MacGyvering.
What ive read online is that you can fill the flavour chamber with a few chunky nuggs and let it sit for a few sessions, The vapour flows by the nuggets collecting resin, making them nuggets more like resin coated nuggets for next time smoke.  Or alternatively put in pepperment for a simple flavour
the options are all yours.
Check it out ONLINE for yourself at and consider treating yourself to the best or really making the day for your favorite stoner. I am more than confident that you and yours will really love the IQ.

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