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TNB up & TNB down

The TNB Naturals crew outta Canada have done it again.. with another fantastic all natural product released this month ready to hit our hydro stores

TNB Up and Down are composed of all natural ingredients with the addition of no harmful chemicals. This innovative way to raise and lower the pH levels of your hydroponic or liquid fertilizer is both simple and cost effective. Simply add a small amount to of the contents to your reservoir, mix well and check the pH level.

The pH (potential hydrogen) of a nutrient solution is a very important aspect of plant growth and proper management is essential for healthy plants and lush gardens. TNB Up and Down provides growers with a user friendly and safe way to maintain appropriate pH levels for optimal plant growth. For more information, ask about TNB Up and Down at your local indoor garden or hydroponics store.

More info on the great stuff TNB is doing? Check out some background on this great companies offerings in the below video:

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