How to Make a Sploof:

Best Homemade Sploof

Need to smoke indoors and want to ensure that you won’t leave the place reeking? No worries, today I’ll be showing you how to make a homemade sploof.

Before you learn how to make a sploof, you’ll have to know what exactly a sploof is. A sploof is simply a filter for your smoke. Blow smoke in, odorless air comes out, it’s magic! If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, the best sploof on the market is by far the Smoke Buddy. The Smoke Buddy will definitely be better than the sploofs I’m showing you how to make today, but don’t worry, the homemade versions will still eliminate the vast majority of the smoke. Another very important way to reduce smell is by keeping your weed in a good smell proof container

The most common way to make a sploof is using a cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll. This can work, but it doesn’t last long as it’s not very durable, and getting all the smoke into the tube can be troublesome. Today we are going to cover 2 different types of sploofs and how to makes them. The first is going to be the typical toilet paper roll sploof. The second way is much better and uses a water bottle instead of a toilet paper roll.

So without further adieu, how to make a sploof.

Sploof #1 The Toilet Paper Sploof

What you need:

  • A toilet paper roll (as seen in photo)
  • Rubber Band
  • Dryer sheets

To make the sploof you simply take 2 dryer sheets place them so that the center of the dryer sheet covers one end of the sploof. You then secure those sheets in place with a rubber band. Once you have the sheets covering one of the ends, all you have to do is stuff a few more sheets into the tube and you are good to go.

Pro tip. Want your sploof to have a bit of a personality? Break out a sharpie and go to town. Every sploof is a unique butterfly, so we couldn’t possibly name yours for you, but here are a few suggestions anyway. “SUPA-SPLOOF”, for a heroic look, or “SPLOOFINATOR “, for that Doofenshmirtz feel.

There are some issues though. The main problem is that the toilet paper won’t last very long and will end up soggy and smelling bad. This is where the second method of making a sploof comes in.

Sploof #2 The Water Bottle Sploof

What you need:

  •  A plastic bottle (water, Gatorade, soda).
  •  Dryer sheets (if you don’t have dryer sheets you can use paper towels with soap or deodorant rubbed on, but it’s not as effective)
  • A pen or something to poke holes with.

To assemble your sploof, start off by poking roughly 5 holes in the bottom of the plastic bottle. Take 5 or more dryer sheets or paper towels and stuff them in the bottle. That is it, you’re done! Simply blow the smoke into the mouthpiece of the bottle and the smoke will be filtered by the dryer sheets, smelling fresh. To reduce smell even more I would recommend only packing enough herb for one hit. This way there will be no excess smoke and all of it can be blown through the sploof and filtered.

Now that you know how to make a sploof, here’s a few tips for usage. When using your sploof, consider opening or cracking a window and directing your exhalation outside of your room. The sploof should eliminate most of the smell, but aiming it outside will give you 99.9% smell dissipation, and a fear free high. Also, take note before you use your sploof that there is proper airflow. Just put you hand on one end and blow through the other. Feel air? You’re good! Sometimes the sploof gets clogged over time, or will be overfilled when you first make it, so it’s always good to make sure.

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