Cvault – Cure like a Pro

We grabbed two of the smaller sized CVaults several months back at the hemp expo in sydney, but then the darndest thing happened.  We didn’t have any flower to be tested, and our shiny new containers rested unused.  Then a a few mates harvests began and the results started coming in, we were inundated with this year’s strains and quickly had more buds than we could handle.  Suddenly, the CVaults in our product box became the most popular love.

Made from food grade stainless steel, you can feel confident storing your dried cannabis in these containers and out of the light for long periods of time.  The thick silicone ring and tight, locking closure means no air gets in and no smell escapes.  Add the Boveda humidity packs that fit perfectly in the CVault’s specially designed compartment and you get a perfect 62 degrees humidity for long or short duration storage and curing.  We were even able to bring old, dry flowers back to life with a couple short days sealed up in these vaults.

the CVault sizes start compact with an extra-small personal jar and range up to 17 liters of storage area with their commercial line of containers.  We tested the extra-small and small sizes for our review to best receive the experience of a typical patient.  The small can carry about 14 grams if tightly packed, or about half an ounce.  For the low dose patient, this will allow you to cut down on long trips to the dispensary and still have fresh, moist medication from beginning to end.  All the sizes but the smallest come with three locking clamps that hold the lid tight against the container.

The new extra-small personal size is good for storing about 7 grams or less.  Featuring the same sturdy stainless steel and airtight construction as the larger models, it allows discreet and safe transportation of your cannabis while travelling, and the ingenious Boveda pocket keeps your flower fresh, regardless of how often you open your CVault to pluck out a fresh bud.  All the models have the same large mouthed top, so you don’t need to worry about getting your hand caught in the cookie jar.  Get Yours

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