Trim Trap

NorCal Trim Trap

Trim Traps can be used to sift away duff or fluff from finished product to keep lbs looking clean.

It works as a classifier for finished product as well with any bud smaller than 9/16 of an inch falling into the bin. In late 2018 be on the lookout for a classifier lid with larger holes to help sort product even further.

Trimmers can sort the waste material while they work.

Recycle your coco coir after you finish your cycle. By placing your used media in the tote and the putting on a Trim Trap lid; growers can flip the tote and lid upside down to sift out the coco and perlite while the root ball will remain inside the tote.

Works well in conjunction with trim machines. After running you product through a trim machine you can cure your bud in a tote for another week or two and then sift off any remaining dried plant material from the product before bagging it up.

The Trim Trap was designed to fit as a lid on top of 30 inch wide black and yellow 27 gallon totes as well as a few others.

These include:

  • Costco’s Greenmande 27 gallon tote.
  • Lowes Commander XXL 27 gallon tote and their blue plastic house brand of Rugged 31 gallon totes are compatible.
  • Both Target and Walmart carry the Homz 27 gallon online and in some stores as well as the black and grey Sterilite Industrial 27 gallon tote in store.
  • Home Depot carries the compatible grey plastic Rubbermaid 37 gallon Roughneck and the Sterelite Industrial 27 gallon tote. Unfortunately Home Depot cut the size if their HDX 27 gallon totes from 30 to 27 inches wide in 2017 to cut cost, so the Trim Trap will no longer fit. Fortunately any HDX 27 manufactured up until 2016 are compatible with the Trim Trap.
  • True Value carries a grey Rubbermaid 31 gallon tote and a blue Sterelite 30 gallon.

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