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    Total Body Detox Cleaning Products

    Do you find the world of Total Body Detox cleaning products strange? The problem is most companies out there do their best to make cleansing the body of toxins as confusing as possible. To cleanse the body of toxins is not hard, it just involves some solid advice and solutions to cleanse the body that are built on common sense, not wishful thinking.

    Not only do we give you the formulas and products to cleanse the body of toxins, we also give you a live personal consultant. Yes, you did hear that correctly – a live person to call. Plus a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. This is 100% for real.

    You Get:

    A live person to speak with and answer questions and concerns before you take your total body cleanse. We give you a phone number to call. There are no time limits either, so call as often as you like. Once you purchase, we are under contract to help to remove any specialized toxins at your request. We can manipulate the formulas based on the toxins you need to remove. Again, once purchased we can speak freely about the individual toxins you want to remove.
    An email address to a live person that will respond in 24 hours or less to any questions you may have. We are here to help remove the pressure from you completely.
    A proven formula that was developed by 3 Forensic Scientists who have worked in Body Detoxification for over 10 years. We were the guys developing the tests and giving the results. We know what it takes to cleanse the body of toxins.
    A 30 day 100% money back guarantee for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your money. We stand behind our product and services fully.
    Also access to one other cleansing formula for cleansing the oral cavity. That’s the top cleansing formulas so you are protected.

    vist > https://www.totaldetoxfriend.com/

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    5 best vapes for people who enjoy smoking weed.

    If you are looking for something to calm your mind, these are the vape pens for you.

    Many people are turning to cannabis to help treat their anxiety, but how? Is CBD better for anxiety? What about indica vs sativa? A good rule of thumb is to stick to indicas or indica-dominant hybrids with low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), especially with a 1:1 or 2:1 CBD: THC ratio. On top of that, vape pens are a great way to treat anxiety with cannabis because you can take small, measured hits, sometimes known as microdosing. Plus, many cannabis brands make vape pens specifically formulated to relieve anxiety. Check out the 10 best vape pens for anxiety below!

    Kung Fu Vape collection of cannabis oil vape pens, Cartridges are refillable, .5ml & 1ml, and use a universal 510 thread, so you can try other brands’ cartridges as well. “Kung Fu Vape Pen” will leave you feeling calm and relaxed and can also be used as a sleep aid. Check it out at the closest cannabis store near you.


    Cora – Vaped Dynamics Vape pen are sleek in making them perfect for the person who needs a slim stylish rig for bazing in public. There are three colour varieties in the collection. This rig is perfect for use with rick simpson cannabis oil.

    Source Orb is a pioneer in formulating cannabis “experiences.” everything you need to enjoy waxy oils on-the-go, including the new and improved SOURCE orb vaporizer. Re-designed for increased portability and vapor production, the new SOURCE orb offers stealthy and satisfying dab sessions on-the-go. If your debating on a vape pen buy this and blaze your buddy’s cannabis

    Davinci IQ –  is my peronal fav best vape. Smart paths and the ability to customize them (mine 383-400 and reduced the session time from 10 mins down to 7 mins) gave me a cruise control experience then I hit the nitrous and hold the boost to finish the session off at 430, clouds and more CLOUDS throughout. I do a slow steady sip style draw for 5-15 seconds while I slowly breathe in through nose at same time, don’t over think it. You won’t feel the vapor as you inhale so it’s ok to draw slow, DONT SUCK, a constant slow sip, then exhale and be amazed. This unit makes smoking my cannabis plants so easy.

    The Hydrology 9 Despite being categorized as a portable vaporizer, this device isn’t something you’ll be able to throw in your pocket, due to its size, weight, and glass base. Regardless, the Hydrology 9 has an excellent build quality and battery life, and makes an ideal centerpiece for entertaining like-minded guests. The Hydrology 9 is unique and innovative, featuring advanced water-filtration technology and a patented stirring tool – which both elevate the user experience and maximize the efficiency of your dry herb. Cloudious 9 is pushing the envelope when it comes to dry herb vaporizers, raising the bar very high for weed vaporizer competitors.This is ideally a bong vape.

    Buy all these Vapes online from www.luxcuttings.com.au


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    Welcome to www.cbdsky.com

    Hello there! Welcome to www.cbdsky.com – your trusted source for Cannabidiol (CBD) oil products. We provide the best CBD products out there and customers have also come to appreciate our service greatly.

    We know that trying to find the best CBD oil products can be difficult when starting out. Even if you have previously used CBD, it’s often tough to determine which brands to trust and which not to. We provide one of the best products available in the market today and if you still don’t believe it try them out and see the results for yourself. The benefits of these products are quite huge and its getting bigger


    What is Cannabidiol or CBD

    Cannabidiol—CBD—is a cannabis compound that has remarkable medical and recreational benefits, but does not make people feel “High”.  It   can actually prevent   the psychoactivity of THC. Cannabidiol is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. The fact is that CBD-infused cannabis strains are non-psychoactive or less psychoactive than THC-dominant strains. It’s make CBD products a good option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, acne and even cancer.

    CBD is very safe to use even for minors since more dosage of it doesn’t cause any psychoactive high. For long time usage, CBD is one of the most awesome ways to keep up a healthy life. Our CBD products go through a highly sensitive screening process and examined by skilled professionals to ensure the premium quality of our products.


    Our CBD products and its Benefits:

    Still today many people are in the dark and wondering that what CBD actually do? Is it even legal? Well today CBD is legal in most of the states in USA and already approved by the DEA and FDC .Today CBD created a craze for its amazing medicinal and recreational properties among people of all ages. Today CBD is highly considered by physicians for patients looking for relief from inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, epilepsy, autism and even for cancer treatment. With endless medicinal benefits our CBD products can be your perfect companion for a healthy life.


    Our CBD products are the best products available today , Explained  below:


    CBD Creams:

    At cbdsky.com we are providing various types of creams CBD infused creams Starting from anti-aging moisturizing creams to pain relievers. our CBD creams provide great benefits to anyone using them. Energizing creams refresh and create a sense of freshness in ones skin in matter of minutes. Our Anti-Aging CBD creams with Apple stem cell produces great results.  These creams can help make your body muscles relaxed and repairs your skin naturally even if they are applied for over a night only. Mixture of alovera and other ingredients help to repair the tired worn out body overnight. These creams rehydrates the skin cells and makes aging seem like a joke as it not only makes you feel youth again but gives a look to it.


    CBD serums and moisturizers:

    We are introducing here Various CBD infused moisturizers especially the CBD SKY rapid Anti-Wrinkle Serum provide great solution to wrinkle , pimple etc. It contains Vitamin C and CBD both working together and decreases acne in normal people and increases the firmness and make the skin for better and brighter. A big problem as seen in many days for staying up so late are under eye-bags. Our CBD moisturizers with a mixture of Retinol, collagen etc. provide a great solution to this problem.


    CBD Hemp Oil:

    Our range of hemp oil like the Hemp CBD oil 500mg Peppermint and the Orange flavors are widely used now. These are extracted from THC free cannabis strains grown in our own firms. So our CBD oil products are the purest CBD oil available in market. These oils virtually contain no THC and doesn’t create psychoactive high. It can easily be consumed orally and also safe for children to use with ease. These oil provide a stress-free mental state and relief from depression and sometimes dementia also. Besides many diseases which are autoimmune like inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, epilepsy, autism and many other severe health problem can be solved by it also. We also have the best flavors for you which gives you the liberty to satisfy your taste bud.


    CBD Sprays:

    Ever imagined Cannabis to be used as sprays? Well we have used CBD to make the best sprays and they provide fascinating outcomes. Some, like the Pain Relief Oral CBD Spray 8ml and Health and Wellness Oral CBD Spray can easily help relief stress instantly. It removes chronic stress and pain even anxiety by controlled regulation of glucose in the body. Weight Loss Support Oral CBD Spray 8ml burn fat in the body causing weight loss thus causes one to eat less. Our Anti-Stress and Relxation CBD sprays provide a boost of natural energy in your body which start within minutes of simply spraying it and lasts throughout the whole day at times. With no THC, this relaxed effect of our sprays are just amazing. In fact, the Sleep Support Oral CBD spray help those deprived of it to get a good comfortable sleep.


    CBD Capsules:

    The time is here when capsules provides you a break from the daily stress of life. Our products like the 25mg Liquid Gel CBD Capsules (30 Count 750mg) are very safe to use and are extracted from finest THC free cannabis strains and contain no high factor to be exact. These can easily be swallow and digests easily. The CBD 99% Isolate 10 mg Powder Capsule – 300mg are also used as stress-reliving pills. Cures you emotionally that is makes you feel elated and provides clarity in the mind. These capsule also can be used as like a traditional drug in inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, epilepsy treatment.


    CBD products for pets:

    Not just humans but also the favorite pets that stay with you can get benefits from our CBD products. It’s amazing how cannabidol products are useful these days. Like you, even your pets can be stress free and relaxed and thus enlighten their behavior as a whole. The CBD Pet Hemp Oil Natural Flavor provide a healed and healthy mental state to your four-legged friend. Their skin can also be conditioned and as well as shampooed with our CBD shampoos for pets. Yummy munchies can also be provided with various delicious tastes. Just by simply spraying them with proper dosage all the benefits can be obtained.



    CBD Vape oil:

    Vape has become widely popular these days and people of all ages specially the younger generation has shared a vast use of it. We are here introducing various vape oils like ‘The Pure CBD Vape Liquid ‘in different dozes and intensity which are suitable for all age groups. The Pure CBD Vape Liquid – Natural flavor 150mg provides almost all source of facilities like reducing anxiety, stress and even reduces high pressure overall providing a completely refreshed state of mind. Mind that it contains no THC so no getting ‘high’ but all the other benefits of it that come with it still persist.





    From treating wrinkles and acne present in the skin to treating cancer and covering a huge range of cure against many diseases CBD and CBD products are playing a huge role in the current medical marijuana sector. The ease of use safety combined with availability our CBD products can give you thousands of benefits and serve as our perfect daily supplement for living a healthy and calm life. Even prices come in reachable range so all in all its easy to conclude by saying, a thing so simple, legal and almost magical has so much to provide to us who are tired out living and want a feeling of refreshment. So hurry up and visit www.cbdsky.com.

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    Bob Marley Viral marketing Formula!

    Do you want the most effective way to get attention for your audience?

    For a Free consultation send me a message or comment below.

    Hi my name is Jedi Steve and I am a Bob Marley Impersonator, Speaker, and Social Media Influencer here to help market your product or service in fun & exciting ways!

    I do in person marketing also known as “high touch” marketing, and online Facebook Ads to reach Your target customer. I am Your full solution to capturing leads in Your niche in person and online.

    I am also available (and I travel) for:
    -Speaking Engagements
    -Booths at Trade Shows
    College Events

    *Jedi Steve is the most snapchatted Bob Marley Impersonator in the World

    For a Free consultation send me a message or comment below.

    Business Model Assessment

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    Trim Trap

    Trim Traps can be used to sift away duff or fluff from finished product to keep lbs looking clean.

    It works as a classifier for finished product as well with any bud smaller than 9/16 of an inch falling into the bin. In late 2018 be on the lookout for a classifier lid with larger holes to help sort product even further.

    Trimmers can sort the waste material while they work.

    Recycle your coco coir after you finish your cycle. By placing your used media in the tote and the putting on a Trim Trap lid; growers can flip the tote and lid upside down to sift out the coco and perlite while the root ball will remain inside the tote.

    Works well in conjunction with trim machines. After running you product through a trim machine you can cure your bud in a tote for another week or two and then sift off any remaining dried plant material from the product before bagging it up.

    The Trim Trap was designed to fit as a lid on top of 30 inch wide black and yellow 27 gallon totes as well as a few others.

    These include:

    • Costco’s Greenmande 27 gallon tote.
    • Lowes Commander XXL 27 gallon tote and their blue plastic house brand of Rugged 31 gallon totes are compatible.
    • Both Target and Walmart carry the Homz 27 gallon online and in some stores as well as the black and grey Sterilite Industrial 27 gallon tote in store.
    • Home Depot carries the compatible grey plastic Rubbermaid 37 gallon Roughneck and the Sterelite Industrial 27 gallon tote. Unfortunately Home Depot cut the size if their HDX 27 gallon totes from 30 to 27 inches wide in 2017 to cut cost, so the Trim Trap will no longer fit. Fortunately any HDX 27 manufactured up until 2016 are compatible with the Trim Trap.
    • True Value carries a grey Rubbermaid 31 gallon tote and a blue Sterelite 30 gallon.

    Vist >https://norcaltrimtrap.com/

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    Easy. Fast. Convenient.
    We can help you with the following:

    • Obtaining a complete doctors recommendation
    • Selecting the right medical marijuana products to meet your needs
    • Finding a dispensary/collective that provides your products
    • Answering your questions about how this medicine can help you and more!
    Use promo code medicalnow20% to get 20% off your first order.

    Vist > http://www.mmjhelpnow.com/


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    Cvault – Cure like a Pro

    We grabbed two of the smaller sized CVaults several months back at the hemp expo in sydney, but then the darndest thing happened.  We didn’t have any flower to be tested, and our shiny new containers rested unused.  Then a a few mates harvests began and the results started coming in, we were inundated with this year’s strains and quickly had more buds than we could handle.  Suddenly, the CVaults in our product box became the most popular love.

    Made from food grade stainless steel, you can feel confident storing your dried cannabis in these containers and out of the light for long periods of time.  The thick silicone ring and tight, locking closure means no air gets in and no smell escapes.  Add the Boveda humidity packs that fit perfectly in the CVault’s specially designed compartment and you get a perfect 62 degrees humidity for long or short duration storage and curing.  We were even able to bring old, dry flowers back to life with a couple short days sealed up in these vaults.

    the CVault sizes start compact with an extra-small personal jar and range up to 17 liters of storage area with their commercial line of containers.  We tested the extra-small and small sizes for our review to best receive the experience of a typical patient.  The small can carry about 14 grams if tightly packed, or about half an ounce.  For the low dose patient, this will allow you to cut down on long trips to the dispensary and still have fresh, moist medication from beginning to end.  All the sizes but the smallest come with three locking clamps that hold the lid tight against the container.

    The new extra-small personal size is good for storing about 7 grams or less.  Featuring the same sturdy stainless steel and airtight construction as the larger models, it allows discreet and safe transportation of your cannabis while travelling, and the ingenious Boveda pocket keeps your flower fresh, regardless of how often you open your CVault to pluck out a fresh bud.  All the models have the same large mouthed top, so you don’t need to worry about getting your hand caught in the cookie jar.  Get Yours https://www.luxcuttings.com.au


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    This biologist will change the way we understand strains forever

    Mowgli Holmes travels the world collecting cannabis DNA. He’s gone to different countries obtaining DNA specimens from breeders; hacked through the underbrush to find rare landraces; and, as he’s proud to tell people, recently found rare collections of pre-prohibition cannabis tinctures tucked away in a bottle collector’s estate.

    He isn’t after the plants, he’s just after the DNA. This loophole allows him to carry out his research in a facility which relies on federal funding without endangering its finances. Holmes’ lab, Phylos Bioscience, works out of the Oregon Health and Sciences University and has amassed, by far, the largest collection of cannabis genetics in the world.

    “We have an entire organism that there’s basically no body of knowledge on,” said Holmes. “This doesn’t happen in science, where you have a plant like this that’s been cordoned off from research.”

    There are only a couple other scientists even looking for cannabis DNA the same way that Holmes is and they mostly sample from breeders, giving a picture that is far from complete.

    Phylos, in contrast, has gathered over 2,000 specimens so far. Entered into a software program, they are organized into genetic clusters. The visual representation of the complex web looks like star constellations. The distance between dots and the lines connecting them show how they relate to each other. Some strains have come from museums and herbariums. Others from marijuana enthusiasts across the globe. He’s even worked to obtain samples of a 2,700-year-old strain from northern China.

    His research will forever change the way we look at pot. When he completes his data gathering, the entire data collection will be handed over to the Open Cannabis Project, a non-profit effort to build an archival record of all cannabis strains to ensure they stay in the public domain.

    Next, a testing program will be created so growers and dispensaries will be able to compare the DNA of any strain they want to the database, giving a true genetic history of the strain. This will allow them to stamp “CERTIFIED” on products sold to consumers and help them to fine-tune their relationship with the plant according to what they want.

    “This is going to lend a lot of legitimacy to the industry,” Robert DeSalle, who studies genomics at the American Museum of Natural History, said.

    Why is it so important?

    Today, most strains get their names from growers, who can name them after the parent strains, grow location, their favorite movie character, or anything else they want. Often times, a popular strain name will even be “adopted” by other growers and put onto plants that have nothing in common with its namesake. That is why consumers often report that the “same strain” had different effects. But this database would prevent that from happening by patenting strains, like the naming of a new star. It would also allow strains to be classified in a more accurate way than just “sativa” and “indica,” labels which are often misleading.

    In addition to helping the cannabis industry evolve, Holmes work is helping us look to the past. His research involves tracing strain origins dating back millennia. And if that kind of history doesn’t provide legitimacy to cannabis, it’s hard to imagine what will.

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    Munchie Meal

    January is an exciting month all around. For one, it’s the beginning of a brand new year. Two, recreational marijuana will finally be legal in California. And lastly, Jack in the Box is going to be launching the Merry Munchie Meal, a combo that’s like a happy meal, except it’s just for the stoners. No word of a lie. Jack in the box is about to be the first fast-food chain in existence to embrace not only cannabis but also the ones it hits with its hunger-inducing abilities. 

    Jack in the Box is giving a nod to marijuana with the Merry Munchie Meal.

    There couldn’t be a better time to be stoned in California than now. January is approaching, and along with the new year, the Golden State will be celebrating recreational legalization. On January 18th, Jack in the Box will be launching the Merry Munchie Meal, an adult version of a happy meal consisting of practically every random food a stoner could want after smoking mass amounts of legal pot.

    Jack in the Box, along with the Snoop-backed, cannabis-centered digital media platform Merry Jane, is quite literally dedicating the Merry Munchie Meal to stoners. “Launching the Merry Munchie Meal is the perfect way to acknowledge the cannabis culture in our shared home state of California,” says Merry Jane’s founder and Snoop’s very own manager Scott Chung.

    This partnership sparks a first in fast-food history. No chain before Jack in the Box has ever so openly embraced the marijuana community. “We are about welcoming all of our guests, no matter what they’re craving or why they’re craving it,” says chief marketing officer Iwona Alter. In other words, high or not high, munchies or no munchies, you’re always welcome at Jack in the Box.

    The Merry Munchie Meal is the ultimate stoner’s happy meal.

    Each Merry Munchie Meal box comes with the most random combination of sweet and salty imaginable. In addition to two tacos, you get five mini churros, three chicken strips, fries, onion rings, and a small drink. All for four dollars and twenty cents. Get it, 420?

    For now, Jack in the Box’s happy meal for stoners will be up for grabs strictly at three Long Beach, California locations. Also, the Merry Munchie Meal is sadly a limited-time offer that can only be redeemed from January 18th to the 25th.

    With California‘s recreational laws falling into place that same month, there’s bound to be a high, overly hungry crowd in Long Beach. Regardless if the Merry Munchie Meal sticks around, or not, perhaps the idea will inspire other fast-food joints to lighten up on the herb and embrace marijuana culture. Jack in the Box could be on to something here. But we’ll just let the stoners be the judge of that.

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    The Butter Brewer

    The Butter Brewer

    Turn your flower or trim into high potency, delicious butter.  Make fantastic oils and tinctures, or find your own use for this automated cooking machine!  The butter brewer features a four quart pot with automated stirring primarily intended for infusions, but this cooking machine is versatile enough to handle many other cooking/heating tasks as well

    Vist > https://www.thebutterbrewer.com/about/

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