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    Pakistani Chitral Kush

     Chitral is a town in Pakistan known for making some of the best hash in the region. Pakistani Chitral Kush, also known as PCK, is a pure indica that is considered a selected landrace, meaning it is an indigenous strain that has been selectively inbred to enhance its characteristics. PCK produces a very colorful phenotype, often earning nicknames like Purple Pakistani or Purple Chitral. This strain is appreciated for its advanced resin production that enables this strain to produce the top-quality concentrates. PCK emits a diverse bouquet of aromas ranging from earthy caramel to sweet notes of fruits and berries. The influence of pure indica genetics creates powerfully relaxing body effects that helps to avoid anxieties and pain, as well as inducing sleep when needed.

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    Mig Vapor Vaporizers

    Can you believe that some people still like to set their herb on fire! Talk about caveman style! With fire and smoke, most of your valuable active ingredients waft away to nowhere. That’s why you need a vaporizer.

    Mig Vapor vaporizers have ceramic heating technology so your materials will never touch metal. No burning. The efficiency and potency are awesome. We have a large selection of vaporizers, vape gear and accessories.

    Stop buying your green! Click here and check out Mig Vapor now.


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    How To Thoroughly Clean Your DaVinci IQ

    Once you spend your hard earned money on a great vaporizer, you want to keep it working for a long time. The difference between a high-quality machine and an expensive paperweight is all in the maintenance. So here is how to thoroughly clean you Davinci IQ.


    To start cleaning your DaVinci IQ , you have to get in there and take it apart. It’s best to set up an area with a newspaper or small drop cloth to prevent crud from transferring to your kitchen table, or isopropyl alcohol ruining the finish on your desk.

    1. Remove the mouthpiece.
    2. Separate the gasket from the mouthpiece.
    3. Remove the flavor chamber (use your metal pick tool, stored under the lid).


    Cleaning the chamber is the most important step for ensuring fresh, clean hits. Without proper cleaning, stale residue can rob new loads of a clean flavor.

    1. Remove the lid from the flavor chamber.
    2. Carefully remove the o-ring from the lid.
    3. Clean the chamber of loose material with the metal pick.
    4.  Once free of debris, use the chimney sweep brush to clean the chamber.

    Deep clean

    Depending on the frequency of your cleaning regimen, you may need to take extra measures to really get the unit back to like new condition.

    1. Use isopropyl alcohol to swab the inside of the bowl & around the Pearl.
    2. Use an alcohol wipe to wipe down the loading area and Pearl.

    Burn off

    For health and safety, never use a unit with alcohol still in it. Do a dry run of your DaVinci IQ to burn off any remaining alcohol before next use.

    1. To do this, set the DaVinci IQ to the highest temperature setting.
    2. Run for 2 minutes and then turn off to cool for a few minutes.

    Exterior cleaning

    From time to time, bud crud will sneak its way onto your device’s surface. Fingers get sticky. Harmful chemicals could potentially ruin the finish. Here’s all you have to do.

    1. Take your DaVinci IQ cleaning cloth and wet with warm water.
    2. Wipe down the exterior of the device and allow to dry before use.

    Tough spots

    Sometimes, those little nooks and crannies can hold onto gunk stubbornly. Only use approved cleaning wipes to clean the unit. Never use soap or household cleaners. They can leave residue behind that is unwise to inhale. Cleaner residues can also cause a unit to malfunction.

    1. To finish your clean and get the hard to reach spots, submerge the chamber and other removable parts in a container of rubbing alcohol overnight.
    2. Rinse with warm water and allow to fully dry the next day.
    3. Reassemble and enjoy your clean vaping experience.

    It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a vaporizer if it doesn’t work. For the best herbal experience, nothing beats a clean piece, be it a pipe or a vape.

    With proper care, the DaVinci IQ has the durable design and quality construction to last for decades. That’s why it comes with a 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

    We also suggests that you use the battery until fully drained and then allow to fully recharge to extend battery life.

    You can get your own DaVinci IQ by visiting www.luxcuttings.com.au

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    CBD Sky

    At CBD SKY we grow all of our hemp for CBD oil in the USA using only proven organic, traceable, certified practices. Our industrial hemp comes from natural genetic techniques at the industrial level where we breed plants to produce ultra high CBD potency with no detectable levels of THC. We guarantee continuing enhancement of hemp plants and products by using the latest technology to clone our genetic hemp strains in our GMP facility. Our passion for farming offers peace of mind in our products so that you feel secure when ordering from CBD SKY online. All of our hemp is highly regulated from growth to distribution to make sure that we keep our promise of consistency, safety, and potency.

    Medical-grade Monitoring

    Our lab testing processes have been perfected so that we eradicate any unwanted compounds without affecting the natural benefits. We provide a full range PCR CBD oil that includes a consistently high level of phytocannabinoids and terpenes while leaving behind all of the unwanted impurities and chemical compounds.This method ensures that we always get the absolute maximum spectrum of phytocannabinoids that are available and provide the highest number of benefits to us. Our purpose for this diligent research is to make sure that YOU get everything your body needs including consistently pure, premium CBD products.

    Vist> https://cbdsky.com/

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    Streaking for potcoin

    London Streaker – World Athletics Championships London 2017

    This guys doin his bit for POT COIN Big Upz..

    Right before the women’s 4×400 meter final on Sunday, August 13, the same streaker from last Saturday once again ran onto the track at London Olympic Stadium at the 2017 World Athletics Championships (also known as the World Track and Field Championships)

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    Cannabis Social Media Marketing

    Cannabis marketing is not as simple as printing a few flyers, magazine articals, & tshirts you need a well developed team who can fill the video/visual gaps and understand the industry at its core.

    Here at realgrower.com we strongly belive that pictures tell a thousand words thats why its important to target the consumers where there hearts lay.

    We are in the game so we understand how cut throat the industry is, nothing is for certain but while your here you might as well check out the difference that realgrower.com social media marketing has to offer.   All enquires via contact form

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    TNB Naturals

    The TNB Naturals crew outta Canada have done it again.. with another fantastic all natural product released this month ready to hit our hydro stores

    TNB Up and Down are composed of all natural ingredients with the addition of no harmful chemicals. This innovative way to raise and lower the pH levels of your hydroponic or liquid fertilizer is both simple and cost effective. Simply add a small amount to of the contents to your reservoir, mix well and check the pH level.

    The pH (potential hydrogen) of a nutrient solution is a very important aspect of plant growth and proper management is essential for healthy plants and lush gardens. TNB Up and Down provides growers with a user friendly and safe way to maintain appropriate pH levels for optimal plant growth. For more information, ask about TNB Up and Down at your local indoor garden or hydroponics store.

    More info on the great stuff TNB is doing? Check out some background on this great companies offerings in the below video:

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    Total Detox Friend

    Do you find the world of Total Body Detox cleaning products strange? The problem is most companies out there do their best to make cleansing the body of toxins as confusing as possible. To cleanse the body of toxins is not hard, it just involves some solid advice and solutions to cleanse the body that are built on common sense, not wishful thinking.

    Not only do we give you the formulas and products to cleanse the body of toxins, we also give you a live personal consultant. Yes, you did hear that correctly – a live person to call. Plus a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. This is 100% for real.

    • We are a group of three Forensic Scientists who used to be in the business of developing natural cleansing products for the body. One of us even developed Hair, Urine and Saliva drug tests for the large drug testing companies this guy really knows about toxins.
    • We were the guys developing the cleansing products that you are buying in the stores like GNC so we know what it takes to preform a Total Body Cleanse.
    • We developed the solutions to do total body cleansing out of the need for good body cleansing information. Nobody out there was doing that. We ourselves had to do Total Body Cleansing to prepare mentally to get jobs and for other reasons.
    • One of us use to work for the largest maker of Total Body Detox products in the Industry. So we know how to make the Detox products that really work.
    • We took this combination of experience and started Total Detox Friend in 2004.
    • Since 2004 we have helped over 80,000 people and counting.
    • We have over a 98% success rate.
    • If you need real help please¬†contact us.

    Vist > https://totaldetoxfriend.com/


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    PotCoin is an ultra-secure digital cryptocurrency, network and banking solution for the $100 billion global legal marijuana industry.

    The PotCoin Mission

    Mission Statement

    PotCoin was designed to empower, secure and facilitate the legal cannabis community’s transactions by creating a unique crypto currency for this thriving industry.  PotCoin removes the need for cash transactions and encourages buying through consumer incentives. PotCoin as a digital currency is an alternative payment network for cannabis users, merchants and industry professionals.  The PotCoin network allows cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate and grow together.

    PotCoin is a community run effort, by community members for community members.  PotCoin does not endorse, guarantee or warrant any actions performed by you, users, exchanges or any other organization.

    Market Information

    PotCoin (POT)
    0.124802 USD (5.69%)
    0.00003028 BTC




    $27.17 M USD

    VOLUME (24H)

    $407.57 K USD

    Who is PotCoin ?

    PotCoin is the first digital currency created to facilitate transactions within the legalized cannabis industry.  PotCoin is a community based effort.  A truly decentralize autonomous organization the PotCoin community members determine their level of involvement, commitment and development.

    More on the PotCoin Community…

    What does PotCoin do ?

    PotCoins are digital coins you can send via the internet.  Compared to other alternatives, PotCoins have a number of advantages: PotCoins are transferred directly from person to person via the net, without going through a bank or clearing house.  This means that the fees are much lower, you can use them in every country and your account cannot be frozen.  Sending PotCoin is as easy as sending an e-mail and you can buy anything with PotCoins.

    How PotCoin works ?

    Your PotCoins are kept in your digital wallet on your computer or mobile device.  Sending PotCoins is as simple as sending an e-mail and you can purchase anything with PotCoin.  The PotCoin network is secured by thousands of computers using state of the art encryption.  Anyone can join the PotCoin network and the software is completely open source so anyone can review the code.

    The PotCoin Code…

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