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    Grower Options for Xmas..

    1. Smokebuddy –

    The Smokebuddy is a handy, and reliable, life saving air filter. Simply exhale your smoke through your easy-to-use Smokebuddy and odorless air comes out the other end. Smoke where you want, and when you want without anyone knowing the wiser. Keep second hand smoke away from friends, family, and neighbors with your Smokebuddy.

    – Smoke Buddy Keychain with LED light
    – Travel Caps Included for storing discreetly
    – Environmentally friendly product
    – Keeps second hand smoke away from friends, family, and neighbors
    – Convenient and compact
    – Magically removes smoke and odor
    – Estimated at 300 uses or more

    2. E-Nail Kit Complete 240v

    3. Grassroots Hat -Grassroots began making hats for a documentary film they were producing in 2009 and has since created fitted hats for some of the biggest names in the industry including Method Man, Cheech and Chong, Griz and Jerry Garcia. Paying the finest attention to detail, GRC uses such fabrics as hemp, recycled soda cans, ballistic material and even adding holograms onto the brim.

    4. Trim Tray –

    How you trim determines how much stress you put on your back. Keep your back straight rather bending over while trimming to save yourself from back strain with this light weight trimming surface. Sit down, pop the tray on your lap, and trim plants ergonomically.

    • Light as a feather.
    • Non slip base.
    • 150 micron stainless steel screen to separate flower pollen while trimming and manicuring.
    • Pollen application brush included.

    5. Dry Rack 4x Stack –

    Herb Drying Rack 4 tier tall

    4x screens

    Vist:> www.luxcuttings.com.au for all your xmas ideas

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    Pollen Extractor Dry Sifting Machine

    Finally, a Pollen Extractor Dry Sifting Machine that makes separating the Resins of your Special Medicinal Plants quick and easy.

    You no longer need to go through extended, complex or dangerous methods to get the resins of your special plants separated from the plant material – these Pollen Extraction Machines do it all for you, in a clean, quick and easy way
    Made of solid and robust stainless steel filters, with welded stainless steel micron meshes, this Pollen Extractor Dry Sifting Machine handles both softer and harder plant material and has been made to last.
    Pollen Extractor Dry Sifting Machine offers :

    · a unique stainless steel mesh tumbler filter that will not tear nor wear

    · a stainless steel filter, which is pretty much indestructible and handles all kind of plant material, soft or hard

    · a variable speed switch that allows you to change rotation speeds easily – according to your needs

    · a simple cleaning that allows you to extract pollen and separate plant material over and over again

    · an adapter to suit your wall socket type

    · Free International Shipping for all deliveries



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    Agrodine.com CBD Hemp Oil

    We cultivate all of our medical and recreational cannabis flower and Hemp carefully tending to the plants throughout the cultivation process. From clone through vegetation, flower, harvest, trim and cure; we strive to give the plants everything they need to make beautiful cannabis flower, cannabis oil and Hemp Oil

    Vist >https://agrodine.com/

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    Since my change in job discription ive bumped into some new and exciting kats in my travels, so i thought i would brag about one who i think needs a mention, This Guy and his crew i think, are from downunder and doin some serious damage (NOT)
    theeastcoast_collective are a some serious breeders from Australia pushing the limits with the limited range they have and producing some fine ass genetics, im going to be looking to do a short interview on these guys in the near future so stay tunes..

    check out @theeastcoast_collective in instagram

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    G14Extracts is a professional wholesale company specializing in short path distillation. Our 15 stage filteration technology ensures quality!! 

    Check out our instagram @g14extracts

    Vist > Xtractorsupply.Com

    Check Out our sister site

    XtractorSupply.com stocks extraction equipment for Short Path Distillation, Closed Loop BHO ,Supplies and Training classes

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    My Press Rosin Press

    High-quality cannabis “rosins” are in high demand amongst extract enthusiasts.

    For those who are still unfamiliar: rosin extracts are produced when heat and intense pressure are applied to a starting material in order to effectively squeeze out the sticky, potent extract. Rosin extraction also gives users and enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy dabbable products without the need for expensive equipment or flammable solvents. As popularity increased, so too did the expertise when it came to maximizing yields, potencies, and flavors. Originally, hair straighteners were the common tools of choice and even now, experienced rosin producers are able to use these simple tools to create amazing extracts, others, however, have further potentiated their process by implementing mechanical systems such as modified pneumatic and hydraulic presses.

    There are many companies and options to choose from with each offering it’s own positives and negatives in regards to effectiveness, cost, safety systems, and overall customer service/experience. For those interested in a rosin press system, do not be afraid to browse, research, and ask questions to your company of choice to come to an educated and satisfactory rosin press investment.

    Up til now, many companies have developed their systems around retrofitted shop or t-shirt presses, modifying them with heat plates and conventional PID controllers. Although effective, these systems can sometimes be unsightly and poorly constructed if produced by an inferior company. This time around, we had the opportunity of speaking with the developers of My Press, a compact rosin press system developed from the ground up in order address several technical issues that have become common among many conventional presses. For starters, the My Press consists of a lightweight frame and handle, making for easy transportation when needed. For safety, the system remains in the ‘lockdown’ or ‘closed’ position when not in use. When in use, the My Press uses an extremely user-friendly control system, consisting of only four buttons: Power On/Off, Temperature Up / Down, and C/F degree change. When plugged in, the unit will power on in ‘Safe’ mode, with the user interface displaying all necessary information. Once activated, the temperature will gradually rise to its pre-set setting (220 Degrees), requiring only a few button presses to adjust to one’s desired temperature (temperature adjustments occur in 10-degree increments).

    Additionally, a built-in LED indicator light will indicate when the desired temperature is reached.  As the system locks, the display will transition to a timer, giving the user greater control over the consistency of their overall end results. Additional safety features include an automatic power off if left inactive for 30 minutes and an included adjustment wrench tool that can be used to make minor adjustments to the plate. When properly adjusted, the My Press system can deliver up to 6 tons of pressure between its stainless steel plates.

    “My Press was designed from the ground up in order to give rosin enthusiasts a proper tool to add to their arsenal. We launched at the end of March 2017, our public debut was at the 4/20 SoCal Cannabis Cup, and things have been gaining momentum ever since. We’d certainly like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way.”

    We’d like to thank the people at My Press for speaking to us about their rosin press system. For more information on the My Press, you can visit their website at www.myrosinpress.com

    Buy Yours in Australia from www.luxcuttings.com.au

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    Well not much is to be found in my research for this impressive seedbank, bodhiseeds seeds seem’s to keep most of where there from and whos involved much a secret.. which is totally kool 🙂

    Its presumed there a family run business with high regard for old skool landrace strains and forgotton genetics, Ive been following them on instagram and their trees are nothing but straight up OG like.  Im deff going to be following them on instagram https://www.instagram.com/bodhiseeds/?hl=en 

    Ive noticed a few seedbanks holding there stock but not for long as these seeds are like hotcakes..

    Keep a eye out for space monkey and IG: https://www.instagram.com/plantmoreseeds/?hl=en



    Much respect bodhiseeds  love your work  🙂

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    Four Reasons Why Weed Smokers Make Better Boyfriends

    When it comes to men, some of us want it all. Not only do we want a man who can make us laugh, but also someone who can hold a conversation. And of course, the sex has to be nothing short of mind-blowing. Is that really asking for too much?

    For ladies and gents that set higher standards, landing a decent guy is as simple as spotting a four leaf clover. In other words, pretty much impossible. Some say having high standards is a bad thing because you’ll almost never find exactly what you’re looking for. But why settle for half the prize when you can have the whole package?

    If you’re convinced that there is no package deal and are ready to throw in the towel on this dating thing, just find yourself a guy that smokes weed. Weed smokers make better boyfriends and here are four good reasons why:

    1. They’re always down for whatever

    Whether you just want to chill and watch a movie or get outside and do something active, weed smokers are down either way. And you won’t have to drag them out either.

    Contrary to the belief that all pot smokers are lazy and unmotivated, cannabis connoisseurs love experiencing the world around them, especially when they can share it with someone they genuinely like being around. Although not a lot of guys can have fun doing whatever, men that smoke weed can and don’t even have to try.

    2. They love sex and are great in bed

    Pot smokers have better sex and science can prove it. So if you want a man that knows how to get it in when it comes to sex, then buckle up, because you’ve met your match. According to a recent study published in the Pharmacological Research Journal, 70 percent of people who smoke before getting busy, experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

    That’s probably why weed smokers also have a lot more sex than people who don’t hit a bowl here and there. Just last month, Dr. Michael Eisenberg revealed in a study that people who smoke weed have about 20% more sex than non-smokers.

    It’s also worth pointing out that oxytocin, the same hormone your body releases after sex, is also released when you consume cannabis. So by combining weed with sex, you’re destined for mind-blowing intercourse.

    3. They’re less likely to act like an ass

    Guys who smoke pot are super laid-back. Rather than getting a chip on their shoulder over every little thing, like using their razor when they specifically asked you not to, they can just let it go. That’s because cannabis helps you realize that not everything is a big deal. It’s like a chill pill, only a lot better for you.

    The less petty arguments, the healthier the relationship. As you know, arguing over trivial stuff is the worst. Spending hours upon hours squawking about something small gets old and fast. Weed smokers aren’t about that life.

    Pot smokers know when it’s time to walk away and take a puff or two. Before they get too heated, they’ll turn to their favorite form of relief. Then, it’s as if nothing was ever the matter.

    4. They have a great sense of humor

    There’s a quote that goes a little something like this “The secret of a long-life…laugher. The secret of a long-lasting relationship…laughing together.” Nothing induces the giggles quite like weed. If your boyfriend is a weed smoker, then dull moments will be very few and far between.

    Studies show that cannabis stimulates blood flow to the right frontal lobe and the left temporal lobe. These two areas of the brain happen to be linked with laughter. There are also several strains, like Blue Diesel, that offer a euphoric high that will undoubtedly make your boyfriend laugh their ass off. Over literally anything and everything, including your lame jokes.

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